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Benefits of Base One Distributed Computing

Customers using Base One's distributed grid and cluster computing software have realized the following benefits:

Lower cost of development and operations

Base One software makes use of existing Windows programming skills; it does not require specialized or dedicated hardware, and uses the organization's existing database technology. Solutions can be implemented by in-house, Windows experienced staff, without the need for extensive consulting support, and without major, up-front investments in new equipment or costly upgrades. Staffing requirements to operate and maintain these applications has in some cases been reduced by as much as 85%.

Faster implementation and deployment

Customers can quickly prototype a distributed solution by using the Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC), which includes a large selection of programming tools and sample templates. The software is easy to install and it comes with self-paced tutorials, plus over 2,000 pages of documentation and extensive on-line help. Because BFC is a logical extension of Microsoft's premier developer toolset, the learning curve is short, and programmer productivity is maximized.

Base One's Rich Client technology also speeds development and deployment by allowing application logic, data and graphics to reside either locally or remotely without changing code. An application can be developed on a single user desktop, and then deployed to run on single desktop, or on a LAN, WAN, or web service connected to multiple desktops and/or servers. Rich Client applications can utilize Windows, iSeries or OS/390 databases.

Rapid payback on initial investment (ROI)

By cutting costs and speeding the development process, a Base One distributed solution can quickly pay for itself. Estimated savings in the cost of development, using BFC instead of another framework, run as high as 75%. As a result, customers have experienced payback periods measured in months, not years.

Secure, industrial-strength applications

Over the course of 50,000+ hours of applications development, Base One created and refined its components for constructing screens, security and administration, graphics and reporting, batch processing, and numerous general purpose utilities, all with the same attention to rigorous error-handling and consistent reliability. Customers have used Base One components to build full-featured applications, including data security and recovery procedures that augment the native capabilities of their database and operating system environment. These facilities have been employed successfully in some of the world's largest companies, in applications dealing with billions of dollars, and millions of records, often containing highly sensitive information.

Higher performance and capacity

Using Base One's Batch Job Server, Internet Server (BIS), and the BFC toolkit to more fully exploit under-utilized processing power and local disk storage, customers report order-of-magnitude speedups in some applications. Base One's symmetrical architecture also lends itself well to scalability: applications can grow incrementally, without major disruption or suffering from diminishing returns. As new processors (desktop or server) are added, virtually 100% of their capacity can be made available to run distributed applications. The architecture does not employ a "master/slave" approach, nor does it require dedicated hardware. By not having a central controlling program (i.e. a "master"), additional workloads can be added easily, and totally different applications can be supported simultaneously. The result is that a massive grid of processing power can be efficiently administered across a dynamic mix of large applications, or focused on a single huge task.

Benefits of Base One grid computing  
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