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Distributed Computing - Executive Overview

The business case for Base One distributed computingGrow your business. Manage your costs.

Base One software can dramatically reduce the expense of developing, maintaining, and operating highly reliable business applications. And we can prove it...

Read about how Base One's middleware and programming tools can support your company's plans - Benefits of Base One distributed computing.

Base One's unique grid computing architectureA cost-effective, service-oriented architecture for data-intensive computing

Through its innovative design, awarded U.S. Patents, Base One has brought the distributed processing power of cluster and grid computing out of the laboratory, into the realm of mainstream business applications. Base One's highly symmetrical, database-centric approach is unique and offers substantial benefits, especially for businesses with a large investment in existing applications and supporting infrastructure. The most tangible benefits are increased scalability, performance, and capacity, but no less important are the high degree of reliability, maintainability, and flexibility that can be achieved through the Base One "virtual supercomputer" architecture.

Base One's grid computing software - in depthTools that are easy to use...

Base One has what you need to build loosely-coupled, enterprise class applications quickly and comfortably, making full use of the familiar Windows programming environment, tools, and database systems you've already mastered. Rapid prototyping becomes easy, because Base One provides essential components like a DBMS-independent data dictionary, customizable application-level security system, local/remote data transparency and database administration, built-in transaction processing, a scriptable database command processor, and many more time-saving tools and features.

Base One's grid computing software - in depth...for building applications that last

You also get the flexibility to refine and adapt your applications to suit the precise requirements of the job. Starting from a convenient template application and numerous source code samples, you can rely on Base One's extensive documentation and world-class support to help you get the job done fast, and enjoy the experience.

Read more about the features and components of Base One distributed computing in depth.

"Base One is emerging as a company offering a pragmatic, scalable, and extensible approach to the concept of resource sharing... It has developed a flexible, modular approach that can be adapted to fit users’ evolving needs. At the same time, the company supports a host of different databases and computing platforms, so concerns or issues around customer technology preferences are inherently addressed...

We found Base One’s story straightforward and broadly applicable to heavily compute-oriented and database-intensive workloads. In addition, the Base One solution is relatively mature and vetted with some very demanding users. For those reasons, we have chosen to spotlight the company in this first of a series of documents focusing on grid and virtualization technologies..."

"IDC believes that many industries beyond just financial services and science will recognize services within their organization that would benefit from grids. Data mining, real-time business analytics, and supply chain management workloads, among others, will likely emerge as "grid applications," opening the door for grids with other, more traditional commercial workloads and industries."

Earl Joseph, PhD, Research Vice President, IDC
and John Humphreys, Research Manager, High Performance Computing, IDC

Read the full IDC Insight report (PDF) on Base One's grid computing

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