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Base One tools make it easy to build professional quality .NET database applications.Base One's software components make it a lot easier to build .NET database applications for real-world problems, where efficiency, security, and maintainability are paramount.

Making it easy to build reliable, full-featured applications

Microsoft has created a dizzying array of tools and technologies in its Visual Studio and Windows runtime environment. The Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC) spares you the ordeal of building complex applications from scratch. With the help of thoroughly documented samples, you can get professional quality results fast, and you don't have to settle for simplistic, cookie-cutter solutions.

Taking performance seriously

A common mistake in designing database applications is failing to anticipate performance problems that don't show up until the system is put into production. To build an efficient system, you need a fundamentally sound design and efficient components. Applications built around BFC's high-performance Database Library have been proven to withstand many users sharing very large corporate databases. For the most demanding applications, Base One's patented technologies for distributed computing offer exceptional performance and scalability.

Attending to security

Hastily conceived designs for application security can detract from the system's performance, add to the cost of development, and worsen maintainability. B1Framework includes a collection of essential components for hashing, encryption, digital signing, XML packaging, and other security measures. BFC has additional database security features and an integrated Data Dictionary that make it easier to give application security the attention it deserves, without wasting time and resources.

Making your programs robust and maintainable

Base One's modular design and detailed documentation help you build applications quickly on a solid foundation. BFC includes diagnostic, tracing, and error handling facilities that can dramatically reduce debugging and support costs. Also, because it is integrated with Microsoft's premier Visual Studio development environment, Base One tools make your .NET applications easier to maintain.

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