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Why Use Base One Grid Computing?

With Base One distributed computing technology, large-scale business and scientific applications are significantly less expensive to build, maintain, and administer... and they are faster to implement.

Base One's software harnesses the power of a large, diverse collection of Windows desktop PCs and servers. Applications running on these computers can be managed through a unique grid architecture, which runs on any of the leading databases (i.e. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL).

An essential feature contributing to the scalability, robustness, and security of this architecture is its concept of Batch Job Servers, the logical processing units comprising a "virtual supercomputer". Each Batch Job Server corresponds to a single-user desktop, a rack-mounted PC, a blade of a blade server, or a high-powered server machine, running any Windows client or server OS (from Windows 2000 through Windows Server 2003). Batch Job Servers independently and asynchronously search out work that they can perform, coordinated through a central database.

Pioneering efforts have demonstrated the tremendous potential for massively parallel systems to tackle computationally intensive problems, such as:

  • data mining & data warehousing
  • financial forecasting & portfolio analysis
  • large-scale transaction processing
  • drug discovery, e.g. protein folding
  • environmental modeling
  • seismic data interpretation
Until recently, the power of grid computing has been confined to the laboratory and those select few who could afford to invest in highly specialized, experimental systems. Base One is the first (and only) company to offer general purpose, "shrink-wrapped" software for developing large-scale applications to run on loosely coupled assemblages of PCs and database servers.

The benefits of Base One's approach derive not from specialization, but just the opposite: employing ordinary, under-utilized computer resources and using well established software technologies for database management and rapid application development. This dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO), with savings on the cost of new equipment and accompanying system software, as well as lower cost of programming. The net result is faster development and deployment of maintainable, production applications.


Base One's grid computing architecture
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