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Introduction to BFC
Rapid development of database applications

Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC) - Simple, fast, and dependable - OverviewBuilding a decent database application can be a tough job, but the right tool makes it a lot easier. The Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC) takes the drudgery out of application development, so you can focus on quickly providing features that users want, without getting bogged down in ugly details. BFC gets the job done fast, and it gives you dependable results.

Here's how...

Making things simple

BFC provides interfaces that even non-programmers can understand without mastering the intricacies of SQL. Under the hood, BFC's Data Dictionary and other facilities do the dirty work of data validation, enforcing referential constraints, incorporating index information, building and processing SQL statements, and network communications.

Keeping it efficient

Database applications are notorious for performance pitfalls that require considerable skill to avoid. BFC makes it easier to build efficient systems that attend to complexities of indexing, transaction processing, buffering, and selective use of low-level APIs, so Base One applications are automatically designed with scalability in mind.

Security and reliability

Developers keep re-discovering that they must add elaborate custom logic to achieve adequate application-level security, error handling, and recovery ... and it's a challenge to do this efficiently. BFC's extensive error handling and diagnostic facilities, coupled with user administration features integrated into its Data Dictionary save a lot of time and greatly enhance your application's dependability and security.


Often there isn't time to investigate alternatives, such as different programming languages, database systems, network topologies, or software technologies. With BFC, the work has already been done to give you exceptional flexibility, so you can explore many options without a major rewrite. The same basic interfaces to BFC are available in C++, C#, and Visual Basic, as well as BFC's end-user command scripting. The same model holds under .NET, COM, or MFC, whether the database is accessed locally, on a LAN, or across the Internet. Likewise, BFC gives you the freedom to switch with ease between the major DBMS products from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Sybase. You can't plan for every contingency, but BFC's versatility is like an insurance policy guaranteeing that your applications will be able to grow, adapt, and continue to be maintainable for a long time to come.

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"We needed a tool that would allow us to quickly and simply create a payroll system with dozens of screens and maintenance routines. We found BFC [Base/1 Foundation Component Library] and have been thrilled with the results. Using the BFC classes helped to make the development of multi-page maintenance routines simple and bulletproof."

John Lapenta, Director of Development, Entel Systems

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