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Base One consultants help you build better applications, faster. Base One has a solid track record of helping companies deal with the challenge of rapid growth while sustaining ongoing operations. Our consultants are hands-on experts who know how to build secure, high performance database applications, employing state-of-the-art tools for rapid development. We put in the extra effort to train and support our clients, because we recognize the value of partnering in their success.

Some examples ...


DealerTrack, a leading provider of web-based automotive data services with the industry's largest online credit application network, was experiencing a case of indigestion after its acquisition of an array of companies and products. They hired Base One to devise a strategy for integrating their entire line of software-as-a-service offerings, with the objectives of sharing common data between applications, supporting multiple database products and operating system environments, and improving scalability, response time, reporting, and security. Base One proposed an architecture for the new "DealerTrack Common Platform", consisting of core programs, common database structures, and a collection of standardized Web Services. The favorable reception of this work led to DealerTrack's further engagement of Base One in the detailed design and implementation of key portions of the new system. Using our expertise in .NET and Base One's B1Framework, we developed customized database, security, and server configuration libraries that are central components of the new DealerTrack system, supporting the latest Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP technologies.


Fidelity National Information Services, a Fortune 500 firm engaged in trading and syndication of loans and complex financial instruments, was experiencing severe performance bottlenecks that threatened its ability to settle trades efficiently. Base One analyzed and programmed changes to their web-based loan settlement system, based on ASP.NET / C# / AJAX technology, which provides a real-time environment for buyers and sellers to create, review, approve, and execute legal documents. As a result of implementing Base One's modifications for streamlining workflow and enhancing database concurrency, the company averted an imminent crisis and charted a course for coping with a rapidly growing volume of business.


Datran Media, a leading performance-based email and digital media marketing company, hired Base One to build them a new application for web-based tracking, analysis, and reporting. Using ASP.NET in combination with Base One software, we designed and implemented a system that has yielded a ten-fold improvement in their ability to rapidly evaluate the performance of various marketing trials.


SWN Communications (sendwordnow.com), a provider of emergency notification and incident management services, contracted with Base One to analyze their current application and develop plans for a new, more scalable architecture. The new system required instantaneous fall-back among multiple processing locations, with an allowable downtime of just 10 seconds per month and the need to handle peak transaction loads of thousands per second. Base One's work was instrumental toward the company's securing substantial further investment.

Disaster recovery

MLU Services, one of the companies involved in the Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery effort, sought help from Base One in managing the installation and maintenance of thousands of trailers and mobile homes. Our consultants provided timely assistance in evolving from a manual, spreadsheet-based system to a contemporary web-based database architecture. The resulting new system is capable of handling large-scale usage and meeting stringent government reporting requirements. With Base One's help, the company has become a prime contractor to FEMA.

information systems

EDIMS (Emergency Department Information Management Solutions), an organization of 160 physicians, urgently needed to fix problems in their emergency room patient information system, installed at hospitals in the New York / New Jersey area. Their current system, based on .NET WinForms and SQL Server and developed at multi-million dollar expense, was experiencing deadlocks, memory leaks, and severely limited performance. Base One analyzed the system's design and identified a number of specific causes, which quickly led to substantial improvements. The company then sought our further assistance for a more extensive redesign aimed at developing a commercial product.

exit polls

Edison Research, a media research firm used by major news organizations, employed Base One consultants to build the exit polling system for Election Day 2004 and subsequent U.S. elections. This database application also will be put to use in the upcoming 2012 National elections. The system has performed rapid analysis of large amounts of dynamic data coming from multiple sources in projecting election winners of more than 120 races.

Nuclear power

ManTech Gray Hawk Systems, a military contractor, used Base One consulting in its counter terrorism security reviews of the national electric grid, to assess the security of a consortium of nuclear power companies. We performed a cyber security and data processing audit, which revealed a number of areas of exposure that merited and received further attention.


Deutsche Bank needed to overhaul its antiquated Global Custody Reporting System, managing over $50 billion in securities. They hired Base One to modernize the system's architecture, expand its capacity, and improve its security. Read more about how Base One's efficient, dependable solution saved Deutsche Bank more than $5 million annually in operational expenses.


Competitive Media Reporting (CMR), a leading B2B provider of information about marketing communication and advertising expenditures, needed to develop a commercial web site quickly, so they turned to Base One for help. Read more about how, in just seven months, Base One designed their new fee-based web site, developed the back-office database application, and put the new system into production, giving CMR a commanding lead over its competitors.


In the mid 1990’s, Marsh (formerly, J&H Marsh & McLennan), the world’s largest insurance broker, decided to revamp their MS-DOS-based insurance risk management package into a high-end Windows product. Read more about how Base One helped Marsh develop its highly successful Stars® software, which by 1998 was generating $50 million in annual sales for the company.

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