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For more than a decade, Base One has been serving customers in need of solutions to the most demanding kinds of database problems. Our clients have included some of the world's largest financial institutions, the U.S. Department of Defense, and a number of mid-sized companies struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of their own success.

Base One's list of corporate customers includes Ameritrade, Business Objects, Competitive Media Reporting, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Federal Bank, Hewlett Packard, Marsh & McLennan, MCI, TIAA-CREF (Teacher's Insurance), U.S. Bank, and numerous smaller organizations. Base One has also provided software and consulting services to a number of U.S. Government agencies including NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the U.S. Navy (Surface and Air Warfare Centers), and through an alliance with Gray Hawk Systems (a military contractor), Niagara Mohawk Power and National Grid USA, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries, but they all have one thing in common: serious database applications that demand the highest level of performance, security, and dependability. Base One has survived and prospered by fulfilling those needs.

Base One Case study - Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank's Securities Custody Reporting System


Base One Case study - Marsh
Marsh's Stars® for Windows


Base One Case study - CMR
Competitive Media Reporting’s Web Ad Tracking System


Base One Case study - HP
HP's Telephone Administration System

HP's Industrial Medical Scheduling System


Sample customer quotes:

"I just got the Base One Programmer’s reference. Wow! I’m very impressed by the depth of this documentation. I particularly like the class overviews which give a concise summary of what each class does. Kudos to whoever worked on these docs."

Mark Mahin, Consulting Software Developer, Marsh & McLennan

"We needed a tool that would allow us to quickly and simply create a payroll system with dozens of screens and maintenance routines. We found BFC [Base/1 Foundation Component Library] and have been thrilled with the results. Using the BFC classes helped to make the development of multi-page maintenance routines simple and bulletproof. The Crystal Reports interface allowed for the integration of the core application with the dozens of Crystal Reports which are part of the system. And the Utility classes provide a robust and substantial expansion of the capability provided by the MFC classes."

John Lapenta, Director of Development, Entel Systems

"...Technical support throughout the process was superb. Thanks to an extremely well-designed class, and the top-notch help we got from the Base One staff, we were able to provide the new capability with virtually no impact on overall performance ... Our experience was positive in every respect -- high performance, stable code, supported by extremely capable and highly available staff."

Glenn R. Miller. Director, Research and Development, Optinfo, Inc., a Jack Henry Company

"BFC is probably the most solid and powerful .NET database class library on the market and I plan to continue developing with it ... Thanks to BFC, it took only one week to build a working prototype ... With BFC modification and add-on is painless ... Last but not least, the technical support from Base One was excellent. Unlike many other support teams which wait 48 hours just to kick the ball back to you, Base One always came up with a solution in less than 24 hours, without a single exception.”

Gerhard Triebold, Lead Developer, Triaton GmbH, an HP company

"I hold Base One in high regard, having done high-performance, high-availability database design and architecture with Base One. ... I was pleased and impressed with the platform, knowledge, flexibility and ability to engage in this domain.”

Joel Plaut, Vice President, Program Management, SWN Communications Inc. (SendWordNow.com)


Base One products
Base One products

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