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Success Story - HP's Telephone Administration System

Base One's Class Library and Internet Server Dramatically Reduce Development Time, Cost Of Telephone Administration and Billing System

Base One Case Study - HP's Telephone Administration SystemTriaton GmbH (formerly HiServ), an HP company, was able to significantly reduce development time and costs for a Microsoft SQL Server based Telephone Administration and Billing System using the Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC). Gerhard Triebold, a senior development engineer with Triaton, initially began development of the application in Visual Basic. Using BFC and the Base One Internet Server, Triaton was able to cut costs and reduce development time to less than four weeks - producing a system available to both their main local network and remote users across the Internet.

“I can produce absolutely solid client/server solutions in Visual C++ in a fraction of the time I could using Visual Basic or Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC),” said Triebold. “I am convinced, had I continued the project in Visual Basic, it would have taken me a lot longer and the result would have been of a far inferior quality, than with BFC.”

Triaton is one of Germany’s largest IT service providers and application developers. Triaton chose BFC after evaluating different development tools to improve their programmer productivity. BFC extends MFC to make it easier to program with standard Visual C++ to build commercial-strength business systems that support Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Sybase, SQL Anywhere, IBM DB2, Pinnacle Graphics, and Crystal Reports.

Using Base One’s class library and middleware, Triaton quickly created Internet-enabled ‘Rich Client’ Windows applications. Base One’s database and administrative tools make it easy to impose a high level of security even across the Internet. Users can be grouped according to security rights, with certain functions and reports being off-limits to some users and other reports filtered automatically so that only the proper subset of data is viewable.

Encouraged by their initial success, Triaton went on to build an automated data acquisition application with Base One’s software and Triebold reported, “It is now running in 3 production plants around the clock absolutely error-free.”


"I am putting the finishing touches to my first BFC application in C++, a Telephone Administration and Billing System with 14 input forms, 2 tab views and 9 Oracle tables. If I'd done it in Visual Basic, the project would certainly not have been finished by now. I am convinced that developing in BFC outperforms and outclasses any Visual Basic development."

Gerhard Triebold, Lead Developer, Triaton GmbH, an HP company

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