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Base One's programming tools dramatically reduce development time and cost

Triaton GmbH (formerly HiServ), an HP company and one of Germany’s largest IT service providers, was able to significantly reduce the time and cost of developing a medical scheduling system. They used Base One’s Foundation Component Library (BFC) in combination with Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio.

When the chemical giant Hoechst AG was split up and sold, the Site Medical Services at Bobingen Industrial Park lost the protection of being part of the large corporation and became a separate business. Starting immediately, by law, every medical exam or treatment had to be precisely recorded and billed to the employee's new company. Site Medical Services turned to Triaton for fast help, and Triaton turned to Base One for software tools which would speed development.

The lead developer on the Triaton GmbH project, Gerhard Triebold, described the work and his experience with Base One’s software and services as follows:

“The scheduling of medical exams is rather complex, since each individual has a hazard profile attached to himself. For example: eye tests for computer workers; exposure to noise, chemicals, radiation for other workers. Each hazard profile requires follow-up exams, to prevent job related diseases, in regular but different intervals set by law. To track all this information and schedule it manually, is very labor intensive.”

”Thanks to BFC [Base One’s programming tools], it took only one week to build a working prototype. The doctors, nurses, and medical technicians immediately liked the look and feel of a typical BFC application and started to enter data and work with the system.”

“Initially, everyday I got feedback of additional features needed. With BFC, modifications and add-ons are painless and new features could usually be added in 1-2 hours per day, while working on other projects. After only three weeks, the staff had a system doing what they wanted. After an additional one or two more days to set up all the reports, including sophisticated label printing for laboratory samples, and it was all done.”

”Last but not least, the technical support from Base One was excellent. Unlike many other support teams which wait 48 hours just to kick the ball back to you, Base One always came up with a solution in less than 24 hours, without a single exception.”

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