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An Overview of BFC

Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC) - order BFCCreate secure, efficient, Internet-enabled database applications
Use ASP.NET and Base One's Rich Client technology to deliver highly graphical, data-intensive web and Windows features to a large number of users.

Work with leading Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, and MySQL databases
Simplify implementation of robust, high performance database applications that run either locally or remotely across the Internet.

Enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive set of components
Develop full-featured applications with Base One's database, screen, utility, report, and administrative classes, including integrated error handling, recovery, and security.

Build low cost distributed computing applications
Apply ordinary Windows computers to large-scale data processing with Base One's virtual supercomputing software.

Program with Microsoft's premier developer tools and technologies
Use Visual Studio in a .NET environment or work with classic Visual Studio 6. Base One's support of COM/ActiveX and MFC interfaces provides developers with unmatched flexibility.

Lots of VC++, C#, VB, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, and SQL sample code!

"I just got the Base One Programmer’s reference.  Wow!   I’m very impressed by the depth of this documentation.  I particularly like the class overviews which give a concise summary of what each class does.  Kudos to whoever worked on these docs."

Mark Mahin, Consulting Software Developer, Marsh & McLennan

"...Technical support throughout the process was superb. Thanks to an extremely well-designed class, and the top-notch help we got from the Base One staff, we were able to provide the new capability with virtually no impact on overall performance  ... Our experience was positive in every respect -- high performance, stable code, supported by extremely capable and highly available staff."

Glenn R. Miller. Director, Research and Development, Optinfo, Inc., a Jack Henry Company

Visual C++, C# and Visual Basic programmers:

BFC (the Base/1 Foundation Component Library) extends MFC (the Microsoft Foundation Class Library), COM, and .NET to provide Windows and web developers with a complete set of tools for rapidly building commercial-strength business systems. BFC makes it much easier to use Visual C++ to deliver secure, client/server, multi-tier, and Internet applications. Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, ASP, and ASP.NET programmers can take advantage of these classes through COM/ActiveX and .NET interfaces.

For example, database applications built with Base One's peer-to-peer Rich Client components can make intelligent use of local client-side storage to greatly increase the end-user's apparent Internet bandwidth. In addition, you can use BFC to build low cost, high-reliability, distributed computing applications.

Reduce the time you need to develop advanced Windows or web application with BFC's Rich Client architecture

  • Build Rich Client, Internet-enabled, database applications that take full advantage of the power of Windows PCs.

  • Program fault tolerant, local and remote, distributed applications.

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