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Introduction to Visual C++ MFC Database Programming with BFC

The Base/1 Foundation Component Library (BFC) is an object-oriented framework for building Windows applications, especially Internet-enabled database applications. BFC is based on the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), an extensive Visual C++ framework for doing general-purpose software development under Windows.

BFC consists of multiple components, designed to be reused, which can be employed separately or as an integrated whole. With about 100 classes and 2000 functions, almost all BFC classes are derived from MFC classes and add significant extensions to MFC. BFC includes: Applications built with BFC's core Database classes gain the benefit of portability between widely varying database types, currently including Microsoft SQL Server and Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, SQL Anywhere, and MySQL. What's more, when you use the BFC Database classes in combination with Base One's Internet Server (BIS), your Windows application will be able to access databases from remote locations across the Internet as easily as flipping a switch. In conjunction with Batch Job Servers, you can rapidly develop efficient, fault tolerant, distributed applications. In addition, COM and .NET interfaces let programmers make full use of Base One's database and distributed computing components in their VB, VB.NET, C#, ASP, and ASP.NET applications.

Documentation includes a User Guide with screen snapshots, instructions on using the various Visual Studio wizards, and a sample showing how to add database support to an AppWizard-generated MFC application.

"We quickly realized that using MFC posed some challenges to a developer trying to create a complicated business system and began to search for a tool to simplify the process. We needed a tool that would allow us to quickly and simply create a system with dozens of screens and maintenance routines. We found BFC and have been thrilled with the results."

John Lapenta, Director of Development, Entel Systems

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