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Integration with Microsoft's Visual Studio

Faster development through .NET and COM

Base One helps to create enterprise-class systems through COM and .NET BFC smoothly integrates with programs written in C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET, as well as supporting COM / ActiveX for working with classic Visual Basic and Visual C++. These high-level interfaces ease the transition from Visual Studio 6 to .NET, while offering the quickest route to Base One's substantial database and distributed computing capabilities.

Base One's data-aware .NET components and ActiveX controls make it easier to build or retrofit applications for high-performance computing, with transparent local or remote operation and enhanced database features. Copious examples illustrate the ease of intermixing Base One's database interfaces with traditional ADO and ADO.NET, so you can get the best of both worlds, without adding to the burden of development.

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Maximizing power and flexibility with Visual C++ and MFC

Base One's Foundation Component Library (BFC) extend the power of Visual C++ and MFCFor large, complex applications, nothing matches Microsoft's most advanced development tools, seamlessly augmented by Base One's Foundation Component Library (BFC). With years of real-world use in major corporate applications, BFC has evolved into a comprehensive framework containing hundreds of classes and thousands of functions, ranging from basic utilities for high-precision arithmetic to modular subsystems for database-independent administration, security, and performance enhancement.

Whether you're building an application from scratch or making refinements to an existing system, Base One's utility, database, screen, report, and administrative classes provide you with the most convenient way to extend the power Visual Studio's advanced development environment.

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"We needed a tool that would allow us to quickly and simply create a payroll system with dozens of screens and maintenance routines. We found BFC [Base/1 Foundation Component Library] and have been thrilled with the results. Using the BFC classes helped to make the development of multi-page maintenance routines simple and bulletproof. ... And the Utility classes provide a robust and substantial expansion of the capability provided by the MFC classes."

John Lapenta, Director of Development, Entel Systems

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