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Founded in 1993, Base One began business by providing Windows database consulting plus related software products (class libraries and middleware). These products extended standard Microsoft programming tools to speed up building complex business systems in corporate client/server environments. Base One's original software product for building Internet-enabled, Windows database applications was BFC (Base/1 Foundation Component Library). BFC extended MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library), Microsoft's most successful application development framework, and supported Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase,  and MySQL database systems.

In 1995, Base One began extending its development tools to support high-reliability, distributed computing, which was originally intended for large-scale, financial database applications. This software turned client PCs into "Batch Job Servers", ready for coordinated, parallel processing. In 1996, Deutsche Bank began using dynamic pools of PCs running Base One's software to do repetitive back office operations, such as data loads, exports, transformations, and large-scale financial reporting tasks. The system went into production in 1997 and ran continuously for over six years.

Base One Case study - Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank's Securities Custody Reporting System

In 1999, the introduction of Base One's Internet Server led to supporting distributed processing by a mixture of PCs on a LAN and PCs across the Internet, with any machine able to be moved in and out of the pool, without centralized administration. The accompanying enhancements to Base One's programming tools and middleware were aimed at creating complex consumer and business-to-business Internet sites, as well as for building high-security corporate systems. The objective was to offer  an affordable way to build the most sophisticated, secure, and highly graphical Internet business systems. This could support Internet applications that perform well even with slow dial-up connections.

To our knowledge, Base One had the only distributed technology flexible enough to allow the same programs to run unchanged, whether on a corporate local network, on a remote laptop, or across the Internet. The Base One Internet Server was also the only known method by which existing Windows applications could be easily modified to run across the Internet, with all traffic automatically encrypted.

Base One's main office was in New York City. In 1997, the company opened a subsidiary in Bangalore (the Silicon Valley of India). Base One was a Microsoft Certified Partner, Oracle Alliance Partner, Sybase Alliance Partner, and IBM Solution Developer.

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