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Consulting - Overview

Base One consultants - helping connect people with information around the worldBase One's seasoned consultants can help you take on additional projects and get them done faster. Our list of satisfied customers includes the U.S. Government and a number of the world's leading corporations. As recognized experts in cyber security and database performance, we are prepared to assist your organization in every phase of software development:

  • Assessment - evaluating total cost of ownership and business case justification

  • Impact Analysis - understanding how system design affects business processes

  • System Design - developing and validating an architecture that meets the requirements

  • Application Programming - creating clean, maintainable software components

  • Systems Implementation - planning and executing roll-out from test into production

  • Staff Education - training your development and support personnel

  • Technical Support - providing timely, cost-effective assistance as the need arises

Building secure applications

Our expertise in assessing and developing highly secure databases has been gained by solving problems for major financial institutions and the defense industry. Much of this knowledge can be seen in the advanced security features of Base One's Foundation Component Library (BFC) and the Base One Internet Server (BIS).

High performance computing

There's no substitute for experience when it comes to designing database applications that run fast in a commercial environment, not just on the drawing board. Base One has a proven track record of delivering enterprise-class applications for more than ten years, establishing the company's reputation for high performance computing through its innovative Rich Client architecture and tools for distributed processing.

Maximizing capacity and planning for growth

All too often, web sites and business applications that look great as prototypes just don't scale up to production capacity. Base One has developed a scalable, distributed architecture for large scale computing, and we've applied it successfully to real-world problems. We can help you plan realistically for capacity growth, and show you how to maximize utilization of your processing, database, and network resources.

Re-engineering legacy applications

Making the transition from a legacy system to a radically improved design requires careful planning, with great attention to the particular needs of your company. Amid the hype coming from many vendors, Base One can help your make the decision that's right for you, because we work with all the major DBMS products, in the premier Windows programming environments.

Custom software, tailored to your needs

Base One consultants put their broad experience to use without over-reliance on simplistic "cookie cutter" solutions. As professionals we know the importance of thoroughly understanding your requirements, establishing incremental goals, and reporting on progress in detail. Above all we strive to deliver well documented, maintainable systems that will keep you satisfied for years to come.

Training & Support
Personalized training and support you can depend on

The job is not complete until your staff is prepared to take over the project, from operations to maintenance and further development. Beyond providing extensive documentation and online help, Base One consultants offer personalized training, at an appropriate level for your key personnel. Our aim is to establish a rapport that leaves you comfortable with your application, confident that you can rely on Base One for further support whenever you need it.

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