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Sample Thin Client Web Site

  • Learn how to build commercial web sites quickly
  • Securely access Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, and MySQL databases
  • Program .NET web applications, with C# and VB.NET
  • ASP.NET sample that uses Crystal Reports

Get BFC to build your thin client web site

Base One's sample web site illustrates how easily you can build and maintain secure, browser-based database applications. It demonstrates the programming behind a Thin Client site whose users can create their own custom reports, save them, share them with others in their user group, produce high-quality printouts, and export them to Excel and Word. The sample comes with the Base One Internet Server (BIS), which is included in the Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC).

The sample web site contains useful, general-purpose code showing, for example:

Because the sample web site is derived from Base One's Foundation Application, it enables you to administer the site's database servers and users securely and easily across the Internet, without programming. Simple scripts (command files) for database creation and loading are supplied. With the Foundation Application, an administrator can add and delete web site users and change their security privileges. An administrator can force web users to log off, restrict logons, and broadcast warnings and other messages, for example, in preparation for system maintenance, data loading or shutdown.

The sample web site also demonstrates a practical and enforceable method for charging a fee for each User ID, even if the number of users becomes very large. Session validation ensures that only one user logs on at a time with a given User ID.

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