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Thin Client Database Applications

BFC's architecture supports Thin Client applications, where a custom web site is accessed by browser-based clients. Under .Net, programmers using C# or VB.Net can take full advantage of Base One's database API in the middle tier, on ASP.NET application web servers. The end user (client) tier is simply a standard web browser, so it is the application server code that would be programmed with the BFC Database Library.

In addition to improving performance and scalability, there are other immediate benefits gained by building Thin Client applications using Base One's technology. These benefits include rapid implementation with a high level of security as a result of the services of Base One's Security and Administration facilities.

Base One's technology also provides capabilities that are particularly useful in commercial web applications, such as the ability to detect and prevent multiple logons by the same user, and to track users without cookies, recognizing them regardless of what computer they are using.

The Base One technology is well adapted to constructing hybrid Internet applications, consisting of a database-driven web site operating in conjunction with high efficiency, Rich Client applications, such as cluster computing facilities for bulk data processing. Back office user administration and operations for the web site can be performed through a standard Rich Client application produced by Base One's Application Wizard, and this may be customized as desired.

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