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Base One International Retains Four Star Group to Market Key Technologies Needed in War on Terrorism

Proprietary software can withstand attack; allows multiple levels of security access & restriction

New York – March 26, 2003 – Base One International Corporation (www.boic.com), a leading software company specializing in high reliability and high security information storage and retrieval systems, has entered in to an agreement with Four Star Group (www.fourstargroup.com), a marketing consulting firm that bridges the gap between the commercial and government sectors.  Four Star Group will be the exclusive marketing representative to the public sector of Base One’s patent-pending high speed, high precision database technologies, which are the key components needed in the United States’ war on terrorism.

“Having surveyed the landscape of technological innovation and assessed the government’s global data mining and data fusion needs, there is no question that Base One’s proprietary technology is years ahead of its time,” said Edward Lee Rapp, president, Four Star Group.  “Anyone who fully appreciates the complexity of the information storage, retrieval and security needs combined with the requirement for a system that will not be disabled in an attack – as was the case on September 11th – understands that what Base One has developed provides a crucial piece of the puzzle in protecting our national security.”

Base One has developed fault tolerant distributed computing systems that integrate and process massive and disparate databases that enable intelligence analysts unprecedented access to mission critical information.  Implementation of this technology will arm law enforcement and counterterrorism officials with the ability to prevent and respond to an attack and includes automated recovery from hardware and software errors and crashes.  An evaluation in October 2001 by scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory concluded that this same software would be well suited to use in security applications such as data mining.

Additionally, Base One has developed groundbreaking security components that address key data privacy concerns.  Never before has there been a system that allows the various intelligence and corporate entities tied in to the system to retain sufficient control of their sensitive data while still permitting relevant access to approved users.  Base One’s proprietary security components leverage high-reliability, transaction processing database systems to control who should be allowed to view sensitive data or perform restricted operations.  The Company also supplies tools for secure, remote database and user administration plus grid technology for distributed computing across the Internet for all known database software.

With unparalleled knowledge of technology, security and intelligence in both the private and public sectors, Four Star Group’s network of corporate leaders and military experts identifies and marries public sector business opportunities with cutting edge technologies developed in the private sector.  By serving as the liaison between these two distinct worlds, Four Star Group develops unique solutions that effectively address the nation’s most critical information and security needs.

“Four Star Group immediately understood how our software addresses the intricate data mining and privacy demands of the government’s counterterrorism efforts,” explained Steven Asherman, president and chief scientist, Base One International Corporation.  “More importantly, their knowledge of the government procurement process opens doors to new markets for our product that previously would have been impossible for us to penetrate.  There is no greater reward than knowing that our product will play a vital role in protecting our national security,” he concluded.

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About Base One International Corporation

Base One’s consulting specialty is creating ultra secure database applications, especially for industries requiring fail-safe systems such as banking, insurance, securities, advertising and accounting. BOIC has successfully completed projects for Deutsche Bank (securities custody reporting for over $50 billion in securities), Marsh & McLennan (insurance risk management and reporting to more than 400 corporate clients), and Competitive Media Reporting (the leading ad tracking Web site, to report expenditure and occurrence data to ad agencies, advertisers, broadcasters, and publishers). In addition, BOIC software technologies are used by the U.S. Navy (Surface and Air Warfare Centers), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Hewlett Packard, Business Objects, U.S. Bank, and Fidelity Federal Bank.  (www.boic.com)

For more information, contact Steven Asherman, President, Base One International Corporation, 44 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003, email at info@boic.com  or on the web at www.boic.com.

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