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Base One Internet Server - Enterprise Edition

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Base One Internet Server - Lite Edition
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Base One Internet Server, Version 2.0 Simplifies Running Crystal Reports Across the Internet, LANs

Newest BIS Upgrade Provides Added Performance, Fast Access for High Content Internet Sites

New York, NY - January 11, 2000 - The newest release of the Base One Internet Server, BIS 2.0, adds support for Seagate's Crystal Web Report Server - greatly simplifying creating, running, and printing high quality reports across the Internet or a corporate intranet.  Crystal is the most popular report writer used by Visual C++ programmers, and this release compatibly extends Base One's client/server Crystal classes to the Internet.

With Base One Internet Server 2.0, businesses can quickly build efficient, custom-tailored, 'Rich Client' Windows applications that run Crystal reports on data in Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and IBM databases located across the Internet.  Report pages can be broken down properly, with headers, footers, page numbers, accurately placed images, etc.  This creates a highly polished appearance and avoids the fragmented look caused by wrapping lines and improperly split images that result from printing from a web browser.  In addition, the user also is given the option of exporting reports into files formatted for Microsoft Excel or Word.

The programming tools that come with BIS 2.0 make it easy to impose a high level of security even while viewing reports across the Internet.  For example, users can be grouped according to security rights, with certain reports being off-limits to some users and other reports filtered automatically so that only the proper subset of data is viewable.  By launching a hidden Microsoft browser, BIS applications get the full benefit of Crystal Web Report Server without revealing sensitive information being passed across the Internet.

"Now you can ask for specific, detailed database information across the Internet and get back great looking, printable reports," said Steven Asherman, President, Base One International Corporation.  "The Base One Internet Server includes fifteen real world samples of how to get things done using Crystal, both inside the corporate LAN and across the Internet."

Base One Internet Server

The Base One Internet Server enables programmers to create highly graphical business or e-commerce sites that perform well even over regular, slow phone connections to the Internet.  What makes this possible is the unique Base One (U.S. Patent Pending) architecture that completely bypasses conventional web browsers - by going directly to the standard communication functions built into Microsoft Windows.  BIS applications bypass slow-footed browser technology - while still permitting a browser to be incorporated as needed.  The result is unprecedented speed, more like that of a corporate client/server application than the drastically reduced level of performance people have come to expect of today's Internet e-commerce web sites.

Programming is done with Base One's toolkit, standard Microsoft tools (Visual C++ and MFC) and a wide variety of popular third-party software libraries.  The Base One Internet Server includes the Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC).  BFC extends the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) to support databases from Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and IBM in client/server environments and across the Internet.

Both the Base One Internet Server and the applications that use it can run on any regular Windows PC (95, 98 or NT).  The same programs can run unchanged, whether on a local network, a remote laptop, or across the Internet.  Messages containing blocks of database and transaction processing requests, and results, are automatically sent to and from the Base One Internet Server across the Internet or corporate intranet.

About Base One

Base One International Corporation is a software and consulting company offering programming tools for building Internet and client/server business systems.  Base One's software has been used successfully to create both in-house applications and commercial products for Fortune 100 and other large companies.  Base One's customers include Deutsche Bank's Securities Custody Reporting System, which tracks over $50 billion in securities; and Marsh & McLennan's Stars(r) for Windows, which provides sophisticated insurance risk management and reporting to over 400 large corporate clients.   Founded in 1993, Base One has offices in New York City and in Bangalore, India.

For more information, contact Steven Asherman, President, Base One International Corporation, 44 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003, email at info@boic.com or on the web at www.boic.com.

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