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Base One Internet Server - Enterprise Edition

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Base One Internet Server - Lite Edition
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Base One Internet Server - for Building 'Rich Client' Internet Sites

High Content Internet Sites are Easy to Build and Faster to Access

New York, NY – October 6, 1999 – Large scale, information-filled, Windows-based Internet applications are now easy to build and measurably faster to access and download with the introduction of the Base One Internet Server 1.0 (BIS) by Base One International Corporation. The Base One Internet Server enables businesses, corporations, and organizations to quickly and efficiently create and access custom-tailored, ‘Rich Client’ Windows applications that store and retrieve data from Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and IBM databases located across the Internet. ‘Rich Client’ applications sites are high content graphics and information-filled Internet sites.

Base One International, which offers some of the most efficient middleware on the market for creating large-scale, high security, client/server business systems, announced the immediate availability of its ‘Rich Client’ Base One Internet Server today.

"There is no need to maintain lean Internet sites with the Base One Internet Server. Developers can quickly and easily create what we call a ‘Rich Client’ application, an information-rich, graphics-filled environment, that meets all their corporate needs, without worrying about users suffering poor performance because they need to download too much, too often from the site,’ said Steven Asherman, President of Base One International Corporation.

The high performance Base One Internet Server enables businesses and organizations to maintain efficient and informative ‘Rich Client,’ high-content Internet sites and significantly reduce development and downloading time. Base One's Internet Server avoids the inefficiency and instability of competing browser-based approaches by incorporating the built-in communication functions of Microsoft Windows.

The BIS middleware is Windows based, and there is no need for additional programming when communicating across the Internet or an intranet. Through BIS, all necessary information is available to site users, who will no longer need to choose a ‘text only’ option in order to save time in downloading.

For a limited time, the Base One Internet Server ships FREE as a demonstration application, integrated with the Base One Foundation Component Library, known as BFC. BFC extends the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) to support databases from Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and IBM. BFC consists of utility, database, screen, application and administrative class libraries based on Microsoft Visual C++. In addition to BFC, the Base One Internet Server also includes a demo application, an application creation wizard, and server manager and server process libraries.

‘Rich Client’ applications built with Base One's C++ database library do not require a browser to work – although developers can include a browser under their application’s control. Without additional programming, messages containing blocks of database and transaction processing requests, and results, are automatically sent to and from the Base One Internet Server across the Internet or corporate intranet.

About Base One

Base One International Corporation (BOIC) is a software and consulting company offering the most efficient middleware on the market for building large-scale, high security, client/server business systems. BOIC makes it easy for programmers to build new Windows applications and move existing business systems into advanced client/server environments, without sacrificing the performance and features that users demand.

BOIC software has been used successfully to create both in-house applications and commercial products for Fortune 100 and other large companies. BOIC customers include Deutsche Bank’s Securities Custody Reporting System, which tracks over $50 billion in securities; and Marsh & McLennan’s Stars® for Windows, which provides sophisticated insurance risk management and reporting to over 400 large corporate clients. Founded in 1993, Base One International Corporation has offices in New York City and in Bangalore, India.

For more information, contact Steven Asherman, President, Base One International Corporation, 44 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003, e-mail at info@boic.com or on the web at www.boic.com.

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BFC demo application screen shot

Sample screen from Base One Internet Server's (BIS) demo application

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