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  • Build database applications faster by tapping into the full power of MS Visual Studio and C#

Base One harnesses the power of Visual Studio to build efficient, secure .NET database applications 
      more easily. Base One extends Microsoft's premier application development environment, allowing you to develop reliable, full-featured database applications far more easily. The cutting edge components are built on the .NET Framework and include the full C# source code. ...more

  • Integrate databases from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and MySQL

Base One's modular database architecture - you choose the database, we make it easy Base One's proven legacy .NET, COM, and MFC components provide a unified, database-independent interface. These simplify building flexible, scalable systems with enhanced security, administration, and fault-tolerance. ...more

  • Take performance and capacity to the limit with database applications built for distributed computing

Base One grid and cluster computing - patented technologies for high-performance, data-intensive processing. Base One supports cost-effective Service-Oriented Architecture by harnessing the distributed processing power of Windows PCs and servers, along with Linux/Unix, iSeries, OS/390, and other networked database servers. ...more

Example: contentgalaxy.com

The Content Galaxy video publishing service was built from the ground up with BFC (Base One Foundation Components). The web site, the metered streaming facilities, and the back office accounting and reporting are all written using the C# .NET interface of BFC.

Example: hudku.com

Business Search Website

BFC's Command Processor helped this business search web site get off the ground quickly by making it easy to load the massive local business data right from the start. Database independence provided by BFC enabled hudku.com to easily move from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL.

** News **

Base One's application development software was acquired by Content Galaxy Inc. in 2014. (This website has been preserved from that date.) Complete source code and documentation for BFC and creating "Base One Virtual Supercomputers" is available through contentgalaxy.com

BFC is probably the most solid and powerful .NET database class library on the market and I plan to continue developing with it ...Thanks to BFC, it took only one week to build a working prototype. ... The technical support of Base One is excellent. Unlike many other support teams, some wait 48 hours just to kick the ball back to you, Base One always came up with a solution in less than 24 hours, without a single exception."

Gerhard Triebold,  Lead Developer, Triaton GmbH, an HP company

"B1F's platform-neutral data access component is flexible, robust, well-written and extensively commented. ...The strength of the data access layer lies in its ability to provide reusable multithreaded services on any platform.

Andrew Brust, contributing editor to Visual Studio Magazine

"I hold Base One in high regard, having done high-performance, high-availability database design and architecture with Base One. ... I was pleased and impressed with the platform, knowledge, flexibility and ability to engage in this domain."

Joel Plaut, Vice President, Program Management, SWN Communications Inc. (SendWordNow.com)

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database-centric grid computing

"pragmatic, scalable and extensible"
IDC reviews Base One's grid computing

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