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IDC reports Base One positioned to address data access and sharing across grids

Base One to exhibit at Securities Industry Association Technology Management Conference June 21-23, 2005

New York, NY – May 23, 2005 - Base One International Corporation, a leading supplier of software for developing data-intensive and compute-intensive applications for cluster and grid computing, today announced a major upgrade – High Performance Information Sharing (HPIS) - to their middleware and programming toolkit. This new release significantly extends Base One’s successful software for developing Windows applications, by enabling the secure and easy sharing of information within and between enterprises running applications on totally different data base platforms.

Base One’s customer proven and U.S. patented software, supports the major databases in the marketplace (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Sybase) running on Windows, Linux/Unix, IBM iSeries and zSeries database servers. HPIS leverages Web Services and XML for importing and exporting data and metadata (including validation rules, indexes and referential constraints) between independently managed systems. HPIS enhances security and data sharing when importing data from other systems by providing sufficient information in the metadata to completely reconstruct and validate the database structure and execute all of the data validation rules on the target system. In addition, HPIS supports importing and exporting of non-text objects (images, sounds, documents, video clips, etc.), which are often associated with structured data.

Businesses can use High Performance Information Sharing to provide data interchange between suppliers and customers of orders, inventory, or to quickly merge information after an acquisition. And, government agencies can use HPIS to query and exchange information for threat monitoring and assessment, or establish cross organizational inventories and parts replacement capabilities.

International Data Corporation (IDC) the leading industry analyst organization tracking the grid computing marketplace has issued an Insight Report about Base One’s HPIS as part of IDC’s Workstations and High Performance Systems Continuous Intelligence Service. The full report is also available on the Base One International Corporation web site at www.boic.com.

"Base One's High Performance Information Sharing facility extends the company's database-centric grid product strategy and positions it to address customer requirements for data access and sharing across grids." said Earl Joseph II, Ph.D, IDC Program Vice President. "IDC surveys show that an increasing number of sites are implementing various types of Grids in their computing environments. Requirements to share information between different systems within and between organizations provide a significant opportunity for data centric grid-based products."

Base One’s middleware and programming tools for High Performance Information Sharing is available now at www.boic.com.

Base One to Exhibit at the Securities Industry Association Technology Management Conference

Base One will be exhibiting at the Securities Industry Association’s (SIA) Technology Management Conference at booth #1860, in the Hilton New York, New York City, June 21-23. The SIA Management Conference is designed expressly for individuals within securities firms who have management responsibility for technology-based support activities.

About Base One International

Since its inception in 1993, Base One International Corporation has been providing programming tools and middleware to implement corporate database and grid computing solutions. With its “shrink wrap” grid computing software, Base One successfully completed projects for Deutsche Bank (securities custody reporting for over $50 billion in securities), Marsh & McLennan (commercial insurance risk management package sold to more than 400 corporate clients), and Competitive Media Reporting (the leading ad tracking Web site, to report expenditure and occurrence data to ad agencies, advertisers, broadcasters, and publishers). Base One’s offerings support rock-solid database applications and solutions for advanced client/server and web environments. The company’s object-oriented programming tools make rapid development of complex business software easier, while providing significant performance, reliability and low total cost of ownership. Its database-driven grid computing software has received multiple U.S. patents, and an additional patent is pending.

Base One has alliances with IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, plus a government reseller agreement with Gray Hawk Systems. Its corporate headquarters are located at 44 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003; email: info@boic.com, www.boic.com.

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