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High Performance Information Sharing (InfoShare)

BFC's Database Library includes the High Performance Information Sharing facility (Base One InfoShare, for short). This extends the database and distributed computing capabilities of Base One's middleware and programming toolkit, to solve the complex security and implementation problems of sharing data within very large enterprises and between independent organizations.

A loosely-coupled, heterogeneous network of virtual supercomputer clusters employing Base One's High Performance Information Sharing technology

Businesses can use BFC InfoShare to provide a convenient means of exchanging data, such as orders and inventory information, between suppliers and customers. Another example would be using InfoShare to quickly merge information after an acquisition, without actually having altered each organization's own way of keeping its records. For government agencies InfoShare makes it possible to query and exchange information from many disparate sources, e.g. for threat monitoring and assessment, or to establish cross organizational inventories and parts replacement capabilities for emergency and military logistical support.

Base One's High Performance Information Sharing allows organizations to query and share information, irrespective of their database environment or data structure. Through database independent metadata (including validation rules, indices, and referential constraints), the target database structure is understood, and the required database operations can be automatically executed on the target system.

The file based design of BFC InfoShare also supports importing and exporting non-text objects (images, sounds, documents, video clips, etc.), which often accompany structured data. Through XML and web services, InfoShare enables information exchange with J2EE, legacy, and hand-held database applications. This in turn enables communication between independently managed application systems, each having its own production database(s) to protect.

What makes the BFC InfoShare possible is the Database Library's unique "Record Set Files" facility. These are plain text or XML files, suitable for multi-organization information sharing and data interchange, as well as rapid bulk loading of records into a database.

Record Set Files are designed to make it easy to store and retrieve a sequence of records or result set rows, including specially formatted metadata. (An automatically generated XML schema file, .xsd, describes the data in the associated XML file.) Record Set Files are self-describing, self-contained result sets that can be connected to the data dictionaries of both the source and the target databases.

Programmers, operations staff, and end users can readily create Record Set Files containing the results of simple or complex database queries. Since reading and writing of records in these files is easily done through the Base One Database Library interface, interactions are simplified, access is secure, and error handling is automatically provided.

Record Set Files are a secure way of leveraging available file storage outside of the database itself. To accomplish this, shared file server space is logically "merged" with standard database storage and made accessible across the Internet (via Base One's Internet Server). A loose association is thus established between the database and the data extracts contained in the files, without directly exposing the file system. This effectively extends the database with a vast amount of "secondary" storage, comprised of Record Set Files addressed through Internet Servers. Base One application security combined with standard network and database security may be applied to these files, so that users can be restricted from accessing them except through authorized Internet Servers.

High Performance Information Sharing ties Record Set Files directly into the grid and cluster computing (batch processing) facilities, data dictionary, and security system of BFC's Database Library. This makes Record Set Files ideal for secure, large scale, distributed storage and data sharing networks involving many different database platforms.

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