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Base One granted patent for database-centric distributed computing


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Base One receives patent for database-centric distributed computing

With the granting of an additional U.S. patent, Base One continues to build the case for its transactional Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

New York, NY - March 23, 2007 - Base One International Corporation, a leading supplier of rapid application development software for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, has received another U.S. Patent for its high-performance database technology. This patent covers a method of constructing fault tolerant, loosely-coupled services, using databases from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, and MySQL. Base One's unique, "database-centric" design simplifies application programming, while providing a higher degree of reliability, efficiency, and scalability than conventional approaches to distributed processing.

Cluster and grid computing systems traditionally have relied upon a layer of message queuing technologies to distribute and coordinate work across multiple processors. In mission-critical database applications, it becomes necessary to introduce a global transaction monitor, which can significantly reduce performance and scalability. The Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC) eliminates the need for specialized messaging functions, enabling distributed processing queues to be managed more reliably and efficiently, without the drawbacks of a global transaction monitor.

"What we've done is to exploit the core strengths of today's commercial database systems, especially with regard to efficient transaction processing." said Steven Asherman, President and Chief Technology Officer of Base One. "By devising a service-oriented architecture that addresses end-to-end transactional integrity, we've made it much easier and less expensive to build highly reliable, large-scale applications."

BFC is a comprehensive RAD framework of components and tools for building web and Windows database applications, as well as back office processing and data interchange between systems. Employing a distinctive, cross-platform data dictionary, it provides enhanced security, optimization, and maintainability, making it easier and quicker to develop robust, scalable applications. For over ten years, Base One customers have successfully used BFC for low cost, database-intensive, distributed computing.

About Base One International

Base One International Corp., headquartered in New York City, has been providing software consulting services since the company's founding in 1993. With an outsourcing subsidiary in Bangalore, India (founded in 1997), Base One has served the U.S. Government, Fortune 500 companies, and a variety of fast-growing, mid-sized firms in finance, insurance, media, health care, and communications. Base One has successfully completed projects for Deutsche Bank (custody reporting for over $50 billion in securities), Marsh & McLennan (commercial insurance risk management package sold to more than 400 corporate clients), and Competitive Media Reporting (a leading ad tracking Web site that reports expenditure and occurrence data to ad agencies, advertisers, broadcasters, and publishers).

Base One is recognized for its work in high-performance database technology and distributed computing, earning a reputation for creating exceptionally fault-tolerant, scalable systems. The company holds a number of U.S. patents, with additional patents pending.

An outgrowth of Base One's consulting has been the development and continual refinement of the Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC), a RAD framework for working with Visual Studio to build secure, "industrial strength" applications that can easily and efficiently accommodate different DBMS products and network configurations.

Base One has alliances with IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. Its corporate headquarters are located at 44 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003;  email: info@boic.com, www.boic.com.

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