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Base One Number Class

More about Base One's Number Class - OverviewFix the loopholes in C++ high-precision arithmetic

Eliminate unacceptable rounding errors and destructive, high-order truncation. You can easily replace numeric datatype declarations (double, int, unsigned long) and gain efficient, high-precision arithmetic on numbers and fractions with up to 100 decimal digits. Includes C++ samples for STL (Standard Template Library) and MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library). Source is Windows, Unix and 64-bit ready.

(U.S. Patent Number 6,384,748)

"In response to a client's need for very high precision, we had to fit a new extended-precision class into our product, which is comprised of hundreds of modules, in a very short time. We were able to incorporate Base One's Number class into our product in just over a week - that's how simple it is to integrate. Technical support throughout the process was superb. Thanks to an extremely well-designed class, and the top-notch help we got from the Base One staff, we were able to provide the new capability with virtually no impact on overall performance ... Our experience was positive in every respect -- high performance, stable code, supported by extremely capable and highly available staff."

Glenn R. Miller, Director, Research and Development, Optinfo, Inc., a Jack Henry Company

"We were astounded to discover how many of our reports showed discrepancies before and after trying out the Base/1 Number Class. We checked the arithmetic and confirmed that Base One's calculations were right."

Andrew Pugliese, Vice President, Deutsche Bank

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